Apps by High Glacier

At High Glacier, we create useful Windows and Android utilities. Watch this space for new apps.

CPUeye for Windows

Monitor CPU usage by application and Battery level so you can track applications that use a lot of CPU. This is very useful for laptops on battery- you can see what applications are using up your power.

The program also displays your last system startups and shutdowns, so you can see when Windows rebooted your computer, or, if your computer was supposed to be asleep in your bag, when it woke up.

FastMileage for Android

FastMileage enables you to log your business and personal vehicle use. It optionally connects to your vehicle computer via the ODB2 port, and can automatically start and stop trips and save your odometer reading.

Trips are stored on your device, and are backed up to your Google Drive and to your Email.

No one else can see or read your trip information-- only you. This gives you more privacy and flexibility than cloud-based apps.

Free at Google Play.  Google Play Store

SMSAgain for Android

Send a pre-written SMS, optionally including your GPS location/street address if available.

You can send your location or a quick standard message to your loved ones. Easier than keying in a text.

Free at Google Play.  Google Play Store

SetShot Basketball Game for Android

Empty lot. Basketball net. Flick the ball into the hoop for points!

Free at Google Play.  Google Play Store

Custom App Development

We can create enterprise apps for your organization, or apps to sell on Play Store.

Support: Contact us for assistance.