CPUeye for Windows 7, 8, and 10

What's using your CPU?

Track applications individually for CPU usage. Chart your battery level. Look back over hours of use to see what programs used your CPU.

Have you ever wondered why your computer gets slow at times? There might be applications and services running in the background that are stealing your CPU cycles.

Does your battery last longer on some days? When your computer works harder, it uses more power. If the fan turns on, even more power is being used.

This program monitors CPU usage for all running programs, and displays only the ones that are actually using your CPU. It keeps a record for up to 10 hours.

Once you identify a CPU waster, you can check online to determine if it's necessary and how to stop it, if you want.

Born out of Frustration
Windows has many background processes that steal your CPU. Every program seems to wake up and check for updates daily. Windows wants to refresh or index your hard drive, or check for viruses every few hours.

We created this program to locate processes that start when the system is idle, and go back to sleep if you start using the system. If you want to know why your system fan is on when you get back from coffee, this program will show you what was using your CPU just before you got back control.


  • Shows only applications that are using CPU- there are lots of applications and services in the background on most computers. You want to see only the CPU wasters.
  • See the top CPU users for the last 2 minutes, last 10 minutes, last hour, and last 10 hours.
  • Track battery usage against CPU usage for up to 10 hours.
  • See last few shutdowns and startups easily.

Why CPU Usage is Important
Modern CPUs go to a low level of activity when not in use. They save power by doing this. If an application uses the CPU, it's increasing the amount of power being tapped from the battery. Most modern laptops will last only about 1/4 of the claimed battery life if the CPU is used heavily.

Many background applications aren't designed to care about battery life. CPUeye enables you to see which applications are running- to give you an understanding of what's happening on your computer.

Stop Runaway advertising and page reloads
Some websites don't respect your computer. They continuously load advertisements or just do background checks, sometimes using 20% of your CPU all the time you're on that page!

Check out how this website (shown behind CPUeye) behaves in Firefox. It's using about 20% of the CPU!
Web waster

Windows Update and Other Background Tasks
Sometimes Windows Update gets "stuck" and it keeps churning in circles, using 15-25% of your CPU for long periods. You'll want to fix that, or plug into the wall socket soon!

Chart Battery percentage over time
If your system has a battery, its percentage charge will be displayed on the chart. If you went from 80% to 40% in an hour, you can look at the chart to see what programs were using the CPU during that time.