FastMileage: Frequently Asked Questions

FastMileage saves your vehicle trip information on your device and allows you to automatically upload to Google Drive and send reports to your desktop email account.

You can start and stop trips manually by clicking the Start Trip button on the main screen. When you are on a trip, the button changes to Stop Trip. Click it to enter the end of trip information.

You can also set FastMileage to auto-start and stop trips. FastMileage synchs with a bluetooth OBDII connector on your car to auto-start and stop trips. When using auto-start, the location, time, Odometer, and Trip Type is stored. You can add trip notes at a later time.

You can send your trip data to your email when you want, and you can set up FastMileage to back up your trips to your Google Drive account on a daily basis.

To manually start and stop a trip:
Starting: Prior to driving off, open the app and click the Start Trip button. Enter the information and click Save and Start Driving.

Stopping: After parking, open the app and click the Finish Trip button. Enter the information and click Save and Close.

To review your trips:
Click the View Trips button. The View Trips screen shows all the trips for the current month. Click the top buttons to select a different month.

Touch a trip to review, edit, or delete the trip information.

Click the Add Trip button to add a trip. This feature allows you to add trips later, for example at the end of the day.

How does the GPS and location information work?
If your GPS is enabled, the Add Trip screen will show "Loading from GPS..." in the location field. The location will update when the GPS locks on. You can edit a location after the GPS location displays. For example, if the location is "123 Primrose Lane Anytown" you can change it to "Office". Anytime you are at this location in future, the location will display as "Office".

If you click inside the location field, you can select a favorite location from the list. Start typing and the list will show you related locations.

Editing Locations
You can view and edit locations by opening Menu/Locations. Touch a location to view and edit.

  • The Display Address is the address that will be shown in the Location field on a Trip.
  • The Address from GPS is the address for this location that the GPS returned.
  • The GPS location shows the latitude and longditude of the location. The GPS Location does not appear for locations that you have added manually.

You can edit the Display Address for a location to add short names for your favorite places such as Home, Office, or a client's name. There may be more than one location record for a general area. Each location record encompasses an area of about 200 feet in diameter, and you may see multiple locations around where you start and stop. This is normal.

You can change the Display Address of all the records with similar locations to the same Display Address. For example, you can change both the location records for "123 Primrose Lane" and "125-127 Primrose Lane" to Office. When you start at your office, the Location on your trip will show "Office".

Driver, Vehicle, and Current Odometer
On the main screen, touch the Driver, Vehicle, and Current Odometer display to edit these fields. The Odometer displays the current mileage from the last trip, which is used when a new trip starts.

Send your trips to Email
Click Menu/Send Data to Email... You can send the trip data in CSV format (for spreadsheets) and/or HTML (for printing).

Upload to Google Drive
Click Menu/Settings and select one or both of HTML or CSV for Google Drive Auto-Upload. Select Allow when your phone asks if you want the app to access your Google Drive.

FastMileage will upload all your Trip data at the beginning of the day, if you have added a trip recently. The data will be stored in a new directory called "FastMileage Backups". The filename will contain the date so you can find the latest.

We recommend that you configure the upload to your Google Drive in case your device is lost or stolen.

See the OBDII section for detailed information.