SMSAgain: Send prepared messages with optional location

Send a pre-written SMS, optionally including your GPS location/street address if available.

Prepare a message, for example "I will be late", including your GPS location. Open the app, click SEND, and the message is sent. Simple and quick!

Free at Google Play.  Google Play Store

  • Create as many prepared messages as you want
  • Choose whether to include GPS latitude/longditude or street address with your message
  • Shows when message was last sent

Why use SMSAgain
Want to let your loved ones know where you are without having to type the address?

Ever sent a message to the wrong person because your texts are open to the wrong message thread?

Do you type the same message, such as "I'm going to late" again and again? If you pick someone up every day you might be sending "I'm outside".

SMSAgain allows you to send that text quickly and easily.