SMSAgain: Frequently Asked Questions

SMSAgain allows you to send a pre-written message with your optional location.

Click New Message to create a new message to send. Start typing your TO contact in the To box; selected contact will appear when you key in two letters.

Enter your prepared message, and select whether you want to send a second text with your location. Note that Street Address requires that the internet is available; if the internet is not available, the Latitude/Longditude is sent instead. The GPS must be available for location information to be sent.

How can I select a contact for the "To" box?
Start keying in the phone number or partial name. A dropdown will appear after 2 characters have been entered.

To change the "TO" number:
Touch the "X" beside the Name and Number to clear it, then start keying in your new contact.

Why was the location message not sent?
When Location is checked, SMSAgain sends your text message. Then it gets your location, which can take a few seconds.

If the system Location settings turned off, or the GPS cannot get a signal, the location will not be sent. An error message will display.

I checked "Street Address" but only latitude and longditude was sent.
A network connection is required to get the street address from the latitude and longditude.

How can I use the Latitude/Longditude?
Searching the Latitude/Longditude in the Google search box will display the map location.